How to Program a Ford Key

August 2nd, 2017 by
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If your Ford key is malfunctioning, you might be considering shelling out the amount of money it will require to get it replaced by Ford itself, but there may be other options available to you near Miramar and Hollywood if you’re not shy about learning how to program Ford keys; the process is easier than it may at first appear.

When most people need a new key, they don’t even consider going anywhere but the dealership service center or company that they bought the car from, for a replacement. This is a solution that is quickest and easiest, without a doubt. But for DIYers who are unafraid of tinkering, there’s often a cheaper way: buying a Ford replacement key yourself and then programming it. Here’s how.


Where to Get a Ford Key Fob

There are actually a few different places you can go to get a replacement key for your Ford if you need to. You can go to a locksmith where they can create you a brand new key, provided you show the correct credentials and papers to them. At a locksmith, they may even be able to help you reprogram your key. That having been said, the kind of key you get at a locksmith may not have key fob buttons.

How to Get a Replacement Car Key Without the Original

The way to save the most money is by buying a new replacement key from a third party. But you do need the original generally to do this. The keys you can buy through a third party are usually way less expensive than one you would have to buy from your own dealership. Of course, once you get your replacement key, you need to reprogram it, and most third party options don’t have the know-how to help you with this. Thankfully, it’s something you can do on your own with a little help from this article. If you need to get a replacement car key without the original, you’ll need to go to a the dealer where you bought your vehicle or the same automaker, i.e. for a Ford, a Ford dealership.

How to Program Your New Ford Car Key Copy

Once you have a replacement key on hand, the steps you need to take to program your Ford key, even with only that one key on hand, are as follows:

1. First you need to open the door and put the vehicle key in the ignition.

2. Next you need to turn the key clockwise from the “off” position to the “on” position. You need to do this 8 times consecutively, ending with the key in the “on” position within 10 seconds of first turning it on. If you are successful at this, the vehicle will go into programming mode which will be signaled by your locks going through a lock/unlock cycle.

3. Once your vehicle is in programming mode, you then need to press any button on your key fob. You must do this within 20 seconds of entering programming mode, or your vehicle will exit programming mode and you will have to start the process all over again.

4. If you have any other key fobs that work for this vehicle, they also need to be reprogrammed or they won’t work any longer.

5. Once this is done, turn the key back to the “off” position and test every key fob that you reprogrammed to see if it is working properly.

If you run into any trouble during this process, you should be able to find the answers and assistance you need in the owner’s manual of your vehicle.

Visit the Pines Ford Service Center for Additional Assistance

It’s very common for Ford owners to need to reprogram their Ford keys for one reason or another. With the steps in this article you can reprogram your Ford key replacement without a problem near Davie. If you do run into problems, however, you can schedule service with us ASAP. We’ve got great deals on all the best new Ford models for sale on the market today, plus a friendly and helpful service team to help you maintain your current car. We even offer service specials for extra savings if you do choose to get your Ford keys replaced by us.