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Chose the Ford Focus Because of Its Interior Features

When searching for a compact car, you want to find something that has many different interior features to help you stay comfortable and have a good ride. The Focus from Ford is a popular compact vehicle with an interior designed to give you a good driving experience.

Come by Pines Ford to learn more about the interior features of the Ford Focus, including the voice-activated navigation system that will help you get around without getting lost.

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New Ford Explorer Technology Features to Check Out

The all-new Ford Explorer continues to outperform the competition by raising the bar, and this popular three-row SUV did just that with several technology features.

These days, everyone needs to be connected to their mobile device. Finding a charging station just got that much easier with your Explorer because it comes with up to four smart-charging USB ports and the 110-volt outlet. 

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2 Performance Features of the Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric is a popular compact EV that runs on a 33.5 kWh lithium-ion battery and achieves 118 MPG in the city. Two key performance features of this compact EV are four wheel disc anti-lock brake system and electric power-assisted steering.

The four wheel disc anti-lock brake system prevents the wheels from locking when braking. Even if you suddenly brake, the system works to prevent locking of the wheels. 

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Ford Fiesta ST Interior Features

The Ford Fiesta ST has always led the pack when it comes to stylish features. It might be a compact car, but everyone knows you have good taste if you drive this car. Did you know that it also has great interior features too?

First of all, the Ford Fiesta ST has great comfort and convenience. The standard features would include such things as ambient lighting, carpeted front floor mats, a center dome lamp, chrome door handles, cruise control...

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The 2018 Taurus ESC System Keeps Your Car Stable

While driving is a convenient way to get around, it can also be inherently hazardous. Common hazards such as wet, icy, or uneven roadways can put your driving skills to the test. Thankfully, the 2018 Ford Taurus offers drivers like you a number of safety enhancement features that include Ford’s proprietary AdvanceTrac electronic stability control (ESC) system.

Vehicle stability can be compromised during sharp or high-speed turns, resulting in skids and other hazardous situations. 

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2018 Ford EcoSport: Preferred Choice for Today's Society

SUV's have dominated the marketplace for automakers. Consumers are making it known that SUV's are their preferred choice. Whether you're a business person, you have a family, or you're the adventurous-type that needs an SUV for all of your adventures, the popular 2018 Ford EcoSport is an exceptional choice!

The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is standard for the Ecosport. The extended power of the 2.0-liter Ti-VCT engine is also available. 

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What’s Your Theme in the Ford Flex

Style is important choice when selecting a new vehicle. Our team understands that style along with other factors have made the Ford Flex a popular three-row midsize SUV.

What if you need additional storage space? It’s a question that we frequently from customers who want some added versatility in their SUV.

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Two Standout Design Features of the Ford Mustang

Featuring a fastback silhouette and a muscular haunch, the Ford Mustang is a popular sports car. It has a wide range of excellent design features, including LED front lighting and GT dual exhaust with quad tips.

The Ford Mustang has all-LED front lighting, which is a popular design feature among car enthusiasts. Everything from the low beams to the projector high beams and turn signals are LED. 

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